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DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) helps to maintain normal brain function.

EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA contribute to normal cardiac function. 


SATO DHA & EPA commercial in Germany



Characteristics of Sato DHA & EPA

DHA & EPA (ω-3) are essential fatty acids that are not synthesized in the body.

Sato DHA & EPA 1,500 mg is expected to be effective in a short period 

of time.  Therefore "continuous dosing" is recommended!


Feature 1

1,500 mg of DHA & EPA (high purity)

Efficient filling of capsules by a special manufacturing method!  

Feature 2

Maintaining both normal cardiac and brain function

(When 2 sachets / day are consumed)

Feature 3

Maintaining normal triglycerides in the blood

(When 3 sachets / day are ingested)

Feature 4

Small capsules which are freely soluble and easily swallowable

Dissolves in water in 3 minutes. 

The rotary die melts in about 8 minutes.




Reasons why Sato DHA & EPA are difficult to oxidize

Contains vitamin E (antioxidant) in coating.

The aluminum pack protects DHA and EPA from oxidation.

The thickness of the coating is uniform, therefore oxygen is difficult to mix. 

Encapsulation is achieved by a method that does not allow air to come into contact.


Derived from ingredients

DHA: from tuna and skipjack

EPA: from sardines, tuna and skipjack


Principal component

EPA···· 400mg


Recommended daily intake: 2 packages

Ingestion: Swallow the contents with water or with warm water.
※ It is recommended that this product be taken after meals due to its fat-soluble ingredients.  


DHA EPA Produkt EN

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