Stona Cooling Gel Pads 

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 Stona Cooling Gel Pad – Body Cooling Sheet

The cooling gel sheet absorbs heat and diverges.

The cooling effect lasts about 8 hours.

Close contact with the forehead makes it hard to peel off and is gentle to the skin.


Major usage scenarios

  • During a sudden fever
  • Cooling method on hot days
  • Refreshment during study and work
  • Cooling the body from overheating after sports


Cooling system

The cooling effect of the cooling gel sheet is obtained by the vaporization heating system.
The gel contains plenty of moisture, which removes heat from the application while the moisture evaporates.    


Instructions for use

  1. Peel off the transparent film and apply the gel surface to the area (skin) where you want to cool.
  2. Cut as required depending on the application.
  3. Storage in a refrigerator enhances the cooling effect of the sheet.
    In this case, store at about 5℃. Do not store in a freezer.
  4. When it is used for an extended period of time, replace the seat approximately every 8 hours. 
  5. Keep out of the reach of infants.
  6. If the skin becomes irritated, stop using immediately.

Adults and children (recommended for 2 years or older)
Care should be taken not to allow infants (aged 2 years or younger) to put into the mouth.
Sundry category rather than medical devices
It is safe to use in combination with medical therapy (can be taken simultaneously with medicine for colds). 


Sheet body size: width 5 cm x 11 cm
6 pads per carton
Contains menthol with cooling effect. 

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